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Insight EAP offers a customized, proactive alternative to the traditional employee assistance program.  Unlike most EAP’s, we customize a plan for each client.  We specialize in working with small and mid-sized businesses that need professional guidance at a competitive price.

Our focus is prevention through early intervention.  Insight EAP helps mangers and their employees prevent personal and work-related situations from getting out of hand and costing your company money.

Insight EAP believes in Prevention Medicine. If one addresses emotional and personal concerns early, one can prevent many medical and physical problems later.   

Fewer doctors’ visits and fewer prescriptions equal fewer medical claims.  Fewer medical claims equal lower premiums, which equals less expense for your business.

Take a look at some hidden costs impacting your business:

·        Chronic Stress can disrupt almost all your body's processes, increasing your risk of obesity, insomnia, digestive complaints, heart disease and depression, according to Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER).

·        At least 20 percent of the workforce suffers from mental health problems (NIMH - Bethesda, MD).

·        Depressed employees have up to 70 percent higher medical costs than those who reported not being depressed (NIMH - Bethesda, MD).

·        Some of the most frequently written prescriptions are for stress-related illnesses i.e., gastrointestinal upset, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

·        High levels of stress, anxiety or emotional pain can lead some people to drink and abuse alcohol to block-out turmoil.

When your employees suffer emotionally, your business suffers economically.

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  • Management/Supervisory Consultation and Training
  • Employee Workshops
  • Preventative Policies
  • Counseling